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Player Development

Our Goal

Help our players reach their full potential both on and off the field.


Players will maintain a 3.0 GPA. If we want to compete on the field we also must compete in the classroom.


Our teams will consist of players with above average abilities. Quality will be our focus.


Detailed instruction will be taught in every aspect of the game; physically and mentally.


Every player will at some point step away from the game. We will instill a sense of pride, integrity, humility, honor and leadership to assist them in life after baseball.


We will teach our players to be confident in their development rather than focusing on their results.


Our players will be strategically placed in situations where they must elevate their game to compete.


Our players will be held to the highest standards. They will be firm and honest; on the field and in life.


Our players will learn that mastering the process will help them reach their desired results.

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