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Don’t Overlook the Advantages of Smaller Colleges

Don’t overlook the advantages of the smaller colleges. NCAA Division 3 and NAIA schools have a lot to offer.


High school student athletes who are interested in playing baseball in college need to know a little bit about the NCAA’s Division III schools, as well as the NAIA college programs.

These generally are the smaller schools that don’t receive much national coverage by the media but have every bit as much tradition and history as the major colleges — sometimes more.

NCAA Division III schools are not allowed to award athletic scholarships, but more young athletes play in Division III schools than any other NCAA division, and they generally receive among the finest education’s in the country.

NAIA schools can actually offer more funded scholarships than an NCAA DI school. NAIA = 12 — NCAA DI = 11.7

Think about these facts:

Division III and NAIA colleges and universities constitute some of the best schools in the country. They are among the most prestigious and provide some of the best educational programs.

Division III and NAIA schools provide some of the best placement opportunities in the nation after graduation — both for jobs and graduate schools.

Most Division III and NAIA schools provide informal and personalized education’s. Students usually get to know the professors quite well. Division III and NAIA schools provide increased contact with professors and fewer contacts with graduate assistants.

Student athletes who are not being recruited by major college programs may still have a chance to play baseball at NCAA Division III or NAIA colleges.

Division III and NAIA schools tend to be extremely competitive both in academics and athletics. They have some of the finest athletes in the nation. Student athletes often receive preferential treatment regarding admission. If you are competitive academically — maybe not quite as competitive as other applicants — your involvement in sports will help you get into Division III and NAIA schools.

For more information check the NAIA Website or the NCAA Online site.